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Keep in mind that we are having an extreme demand for testing in Whistler, and you may wait up to 4 hours to be contacted by us. Please be patient, do not text and/or call multiple times, and DO NOT call the Whistler Medical Clinic directly for covid testing. We need that line to remain open for our family practice patients.


Rapid Test Kit Information

Please read the following very carefully:

PLEASE NOTE: As of Jan. 18, 2022, B.C. has updated its testing guidelines. Our COVID-19 testing site is now implementing these new testing criteria. Read VCH’s Test Eligibility Requirements here.

Before coming to the site please complete B.C.’ COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool to help determine eligibility.

Testing for travel, recreational or employment purposes

Our testing site does not provide testing services for those requiring proof of a negative test for travel, recreational or employment purposes. Those who require testing for travel purposes can visit the BCCDC website for a list of private pay clinics operating in our region.

If you qualify for a rapid test you can pick one up at the Olympic Plaza Distribution Site (open 9-1 pm daily), located in Olympic Plaza between the skating rink and the new washrooms towards the lot 4 pedestrian pathway. Look for a blue COVID-19 sign out front of the hut.

Why Did the Testing Criteria Change?

The guidelines on who should be tested have been changed for a number of reasons. The majority of infections in B.C. are now associated with the Omicron variant and most infected people have milder illness compared to previous variants. In addition, B.C. has very high vaccination coverage which provides good protection from serious illness. At times when illness rates are very high (such as from the current Omicron wave), testing everyone is neither feasible nor necessary. Testing is currently prioritized for those for whom the test result will make a difference to individual care or public health management.


If you have completed B.C.’ COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool  are deemed eligible for a test AND have one of the following medical conditions:

  • Have had an organ transplant and are taking anti-rejection medications
  • Are receiving treatment for cancer
  • Have had a bone marrow or stem cell transplant
  • Have been diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency disorder
  • Have been diagnosed with HIV and are not currently taking medications for it
  • Are on dialysis and/or have severe kidney disease.

Please text the COVID-19 testing line at 604-966-1428.

*Public Health recommendations and test availability are changing rapidly because of the nature of the current phase of the pandemic.  Please check back frequently to make sure you have the most up to date information

After you pickup your Rapid Test Kit

  1. Take the test at home Follow the directions that come with the test
  2. Check the results
    Please Note:
    Rapid tests are less accurate than the standard PCR test
    A positive rapid test means you must immediately stop all activities and self isolate.
    Rapid COVID-19 tests detects a current COVID-19 viral infection throughout the infection cycle which starts 3-5 days after infection. A person may be infected but still test negative because the infection has not been active long enough for the virus to produce sufficient antigen to be detected by the rapid test.
    Rapid antigen screening only provides a point in time result, which means that a negative result does not guarantee an individual is not contagious or will not become contagious a day or two after testing.


There are three possible results from rapid tests:

  1. POSITIVE: You will need to self-isolate. It is important to monitor how you feel. If you develop symptoms such as struggling to breathe, chest pain, being unable to drink, feeling very sick or confused, or any other symptoms that concern you, seek urgent medical care. You should continue to seek care for other medical conditions as needed, even if they are not related to COVID-19. PLEASE ACCESS MEDICAL CARE AS NEEDED even with the positive result. Dial 911 for emergencies and 811 for advice on non-urgent matters.
    To report your positive result and for additional resources: http://www.vch.ca/covid-19/you-have-tested-positive
  2. NEGATIVE: You are still expected to follow standard public health recommendations. Continue to self-isolate if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 (runny nose, cough, fever) and until those symptoms go away even if you test negative.
  3. INVALID : This means that the test was not performed correctly or the test kit was defective. You should take another rapid test.

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